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Welcome to Tumaini Tarot!

My name is Jackie and I am an experienced tarot reader whose mission is to help anyone who is in need of some guidance, through the power of tarot. If you want a face to face or group reading this can be arranged by calling me on 0785 2911053 . In offering you my services you are assured every reading will be carried out using focus and sincerity. Your experience should enable you to gain direction, clarity and confidence surrounding that particular situation, going forward on your chosen path. In receiving a written reading you will have a record to keep so as events and situations unfold  you can refer back to it for guidance.

The way I interpret tarot cards is very open and honest. This will ensure you have a more realistic view of a situation. It gives you either an opportunity to change your current path, if you desire, or at least prepare for the inevitable.

I use different tarot spreads  to answer questions relating to matters concerning relationships, family, love, career, travel and more. To give you more of an idea, below is a list of just some of the readings I carry out for clients.

A concise reading is best used for those who are seeking a straight forward answer to a question. This is carried out giving a description of each tarot card, followed by a short summary of the overall reading, using a 5 card spread.

Past, Present, Future. This reading is more insightful than a concise reading and allows you more information about a particular question. It is carried out using a 9 card spread, giving a description of each tarot card followed by a summary of the overall reading .

A comprehensive reading which gives complete enlightenment and direction. From the start this reading will guide you along your current path making you aware of any influences, whether this be other people or even another matter that may affect your situation. At the same time advising you of any possibilities including what could be working for or against you finishing with the outcome. There will be a description of each card followed by a synopsis which brings every detail shown in the reading to a conclusion, using a 10 to 15 card spread.

Telephone: 07852911053       Email: jackie@tumainitarot.com